Landfill Assessment


Compass Environmental has demonstrated and comprehensive experience in the area of landfill assessment and management. Compass Environmental provides expert and professional services spanning the design and implementation of landfill monitoring programs, hydrogeological assessment, risk assessment, and design and implementation of remedial and mitigation programs.

Compass Environmental has been providing environmental monitoring and management services to numerous private and municipal landfills. Key services and areas of advice include:


  • Licence compliance requirements.
  • Environmental management procedures.
  • Monitoring and impact mitigation and management.
  • Design of mitigation measures.
  • Preparation and implementation of landfill monitoring programs and reporting.
  • Design and maintenance repair of leachate sumps and surface capping.
  • Licence compliance assessment.
  • Works approvals.
  • PAN compliance.
  • Strategic advice.
  • Hydrogeological assessment.
  • Installation and sampling of groundwater wells and landfill gas bores.
  • Landfill gas monitoring.
  • Surface methane emission monitoring.
  • Buildings and utilities landfill gas monitoring.
  • Leachate monitoring.
  • Surface water monitoring.
  • Fugitive emissions assessment.
  • Subsurface hot spot monitoring.
  • Noise assessment.